We commenced our Covid Vaccine Plan in this practice on 8th March 2021, administering the first vaccine doses to our most senior patients, those over 85 years.

Who will be vaccinated and when?

Our plan, which is subject to change, depending on the supply/availability of vaccines is as follows:

Vaccines will be administered on the following dates:

Ages 80-8419th & 20th March1st Dose
Ages 75-792nd, 3rd & 5th April1st Dose
Over 855th April2nd Dose
Ages 80-8416th & 17th April2nd Dose
Ages 70-7417th, 18th & 19th April1st Dose
Ages 75-7930th April, 1st & 3rd May2nd Dose
Ages 70-7414th, 15th & 17th May2nd Dose

Under 70s please refer to https://www.hse.ie

How will I know when it’s my turn?

Please do not call the surgery.

Patients will receive a text message inviting them to book their vaccine online by using a link provided in the text. This text will be sent approximately 10 days before your vaccine is due to be administered. We would ask, where possible, that appointments are booked online either by clicking the link in the text or visiting www.mainstreetcliniclucan.ie.

What happens on the day of the vaccine?

Please arrive on time for your appointment. We ask that when attending for your vaccine that you wear short sleeved clothing. Following your vaccine, you will be asked to wait in the surgery for 15 minutes. Due to space restrictions, and to allow for social distancing we ask that you attend alone where possible.

How many vaccines will I need?

You will receive two vaccinations approximately four weeks apart. You need both vaccinations to complete the course.

What do I need to do?

Please be patient. We will contact you. We will keep our website (www.mainstreetcliniclucan.ie) updated and you informed. You will be invited to make an appointment when it is your turn.

For general queries, please visit our website (www.mainstreetcliniclucan.ie) before calling the surgery, the information you need is likely to be available there and information will be updated regularly.

For additional information relating to Covid vaccines for those under 70, and those in ‘At Risk’ categories please consult the HSE website, https://www.hse.ie