Help us to help you get the most from your appointment

We are delighted to welcome you to our practice, and happy to assess/treat ailments/illnesses that you might be experiencing. We want you to leave feeling heard, and reassured. Our time with each patient is limited, therefore, we need your help to ensure you get the most from your appointment. To do that we ask you to help in the following ways:

  • Prioritise your concerns on the day. Due to time constraints, and the volume of patients we treat daily, if you have more than one complaint, please book a double appointment. Each single appointment is allocated 15 minutes; this time is used to enter the consultation room, outline your symptoms and history of your complaint, allow your doctor to examine you and make a diagnosis, explain treatment options and prescribe same if necessary, and then to document the findings to your chart and prepare any referral that may be required. It is just not possible to address many concerns during one consultation.
  • Issues such as menopause, women’s health and mental health do require a longer appointment time; we’re happy to provide this, but we do need advance notice if your consultation concerns any of these issues. These issues, where possible, should be a stand-alone appointment and should not form part of a general consult. We want you to have the appropriate time to address these important issues.
  • If you are attending with a child/family member and both require assessment, please ensure that one appointment is booked for each person. While an issue may seem minor, each assessment requires time to assess, document and treat (where necessary), and cannot be squeezed into a shared appointment. This will help minimise delays for all our patients, and ensure an efficient service for everyone.
  • Be prepared. If you suspect you may have a urinary tract infection, please obtain a urine sample in advance and have it ready for your doctor. If there have been changes made to your medication by a hospital, consultant or other physician please have this information ready.
  • Please book routine appointments approximately one week in advance. Telephone consults are reserved for emergencies, and should only be requested in cases of emergency, or where you are required to isolate for medical reasons.

We are excited to have commenced Menopause and Women’s Health Clinics at our practice. Dr. Collins runs our Menopause Clinic on a Monday evening from 5:30‑7:30pm. Dr. Collins and Dr. Dwyer both see patients at our Women’s Health Clinic on a Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday afternoon from 2:30pm‑5pm. Both clinics require an appointment, please call 01-6280654, and advise reception staff that you wish to book into either of these clinics when making your appointment. Menopause questionnaires, and relevant information, are available from reception and should be completed and viewed in advance of your appointment. Please contact reception for further information.