The Main Street Clinic supports the upgrading of the Village Green but vigorously objects to any reduction in parking anywhere on the Main Street thereby impairing access to essential healthcare.

The Part 8 Planning proposal is now open for public submissions until 5pm 03/03/2022

This will be the only opportunity for your opinion to be heard by SDCC before a decision is made on the planned reduction in parking adjacent to the surgery.

You have been fantastic in contacting your local councillors prior to Christmas, raising your concerns and objections, however, this is where the objections really count. If there is a small number of submissions from the public then this will send a message to SDCC that the proposed parking restrictions are acceptable to the Residents of Lucan.

Making a Submission

A submission can be made in two ways

  1. by post (you can drop the letters into the clinic and we will post them for you)
  2. online

Submissions have to be in by 5pm on Thursday 3rd March, 2022.

  • You can only make one submission per person but if there is more than one person at your address then each individual make may a submission. (The more submissions there are then the more likelihood SDCC will take notice of your views).
  • Your name and contact address must be included on each online or written submission
  • Submissions are open to public viewing so do not put personal information in your submission

If you are unsure how to make a submission please ask a family member, relative, friend or The Main Street Clinic for assistance in this matter.

Submitting an objection by post

Here are a few pointers in making your submission.

  1. State in your submission that you are objecting to the proposal to reduce parking in the area between AIB and Bank of Ireland on Main Street, Lucan Village.
  2. You must include a reason for your objection.
  3. Only state your objection as any favourable comments about the development will negate the objection.
  4. Include your name and address and a reference to the Part 8 proposal for Lucan Village Green and Main Street.
  5. Post to, Senior Engineer, Roads Construction and Design, LUPT, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24 YNN5
  6. Do not include personal information re: medical conditions, in the letter

Each person who supports this objection will have their own valid reason for objecting to this proposal which must be stated clearly. The following are examples of reasons for raising your objection:

  • Because of my age I am unable to walk to the surgery
  • Because of where I live it is too far to walk to the surgery
  • Because of my Medical condition I need a car to bring me to the surgery or I do not have a car and I need a relative to bring me to the surgery in their car.
  • I have moved away from Lucan but have maintained my relationship with the clinic as I cannot register with a local doctor
  • The proposal is discriminatory as it interferes with my access to all local essential services including health care
  • Because I am in a vulnerable group due to cancer, disability or Chronic illness such as Stroke, Heart Disease, Diabetes Mellitus or Chronic Lung Disease and I need to access the clinic by car
  • because drop off points are of no value to me as I have very young children and I need to access parking near the clinic as a consequence, or My Dad or Mom has Dementia and I could not possibly drop them off whilst I am trying to find parking elsewhere.

These are some of the reasons that you may wish to base your objection on. Each one of us have our own unique reasons for needing a car to access the Village centre and please do not miss this opportunity to make SDCC aware of your viewpoint in relation to this critical change on the Main Street of Lucan Village.

A sample objection letter can be downloaded from here.

Making a submission online

Please click on this link ( to view the Planning Proposal and to make a submission. You will need to log in and submit your objection. Your name and home address must be included.

We ask that you get your submission in ASAP and that you contact anyone you know, who attends our clinic, to do so now as there is a very small window of opportunity to raise you objections .

Finally, it comes down to:

  • Retaining our current parking and being able to easily access the clinic,


  • Losing this parking and having greatly restricted access to the clinic.

We respect the position of anyone who is in favour of reduced parking even though we hold the opposite viewpoint.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message