Your card entitles you to a range of free services from your GP, which is subsidised by the HSE and The Department of Health.

The most commonly requested services not covered by the Medical Card/GP Visit Card are listed below. If you require any of these services, please check with reception as to what charges you may incur.


  1. Minor Surgery
  2. Routine Blood Tests (Non-Urgent)
  3. Warfarin Monitoring
  4. Well Man/Well Woman Health Checks
  5. Dressings
  6. Travel Vaccinations
  7. Pre-Employment Medicals
  8. Insurance Medicals/Reports
  9. Legal Reports
  10. Sports Medicals/Reports
  11. Driving Licence Medicals
  12. Passport Reports
  13. Creche Reports/School Attendance Notes/Reports
  14. Certificates/ Application Forms re: Social Welfare Acts & Services
  15. Therapeutic Counselling