The Main Street Clinic made extensive presentations in the late 2021 to Mick Mulhern, Director of Planning, SDCC and to local SDCC councillors highlighting our significant concerns that the proposed reduction in parking by SDCC, in the immediate vicinity of our clinic, would have detrimental impact on patients access to essential healthcare and in particular the harmful impact it would have on vulnerable patient groups for example

  • the elderly
  • cancer patients
  • children under 5, and
  • those with disabilities.

We are very disappointed to see that our concerns about patients reduced access to healthcare have been disregarded by the Council.

Main Street wrote to CEO SDCC, Mr. Dan Mc Loughlin , seeking a meeting to discuss our concerns and this request was declined.

People need to understand that the current parking 40 spaces, which includes 3 disabled spaces, will be reduced to 13 spaces plus 3 disabled spaces in the area adjacent to our clinic. There is a disabled space directly outside our clinic presently and this plus the other 2 spaces will be moved to the river side of the street. This will make access much more difficult for those with a disabled parking permit as they will now have to cross a busy street to access the Clinic. The remaining 13 spaces (1 of which will be available to a local resident permanently) will NOT be available for parking until after 11am as they are designated as “Loading Bays” up to that time. The provision of 4 parking space, where the bus stops outside AIB on the Leixlip Road, is inherently dangerous to drivers exiting their car onto this very busy road.

This proposal does not serve the healthcare needs of residents of Lucan. We are in the midst of a Health Crisis and the Pandemic has taken a significant toll on all of us and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future through delayed Hospital Outpatient clinics and procedures as well as overcrowded A/E Depts. and Hospital wards. It is important to understand that this proposal is about making Lucan a holiday destination for the Domestic Tourist Market. This was highlighted in a recent Newspaper article by Maurice Garvey in the ECHO. This proposal is not about traffic management.

Tourists will always be welcome in Lucan but the SDCC plans to restrict local resident’s access to essential health services, are not welcome.

Are you prepared to allow the SDCC make your access to Health Care even more challenging than it is currently? As SDCC have failed to take any notice of our detailed and informed representations it is now your opportunity to get their attention. The Main Street Clinic is only one voice but you are potentially hundreds of voices which cannot be ignored.

Information packs on making a submission are available at Lucan village parking changes Part 9 proposal Submission pack as well as from reception.

Submissions can be made by post or online before 5pm 03/03/2022. We ask that you act now. There is no point contacting local councillors.